Happy Deepavali all my dear friends; The festival of light is just a day away.

What I like about this festival- it is a time for family get together,cleaning and decorating the houses with brilliant coloured festoons and Rangoli ,visiting friends and relatives and exchanging sweets . A great occasion to meet near and dear.

This time I am travelling to Kochi, my home town and going to participate in the Diwali celebrations in our Kochi temple. The temple would open at 4.45 am and I would participate in the morning pooja. The temple would be flooded with devotees and it would be a great sight to watch each and every one in their best attire. I am looking forward to this trip as there would be special flower arrangements and illumination in the temple. I shall come back and share my experiences with you all.
Till then You also celebrate the festival of lights with your near and dear ones.
Enjoy,eat sweets, make new friends and let goodness fill everybody’s mind.