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Tanjore dolls known in Tamil as Talayatti Bommai are traditional toys made with terracotta , finished in detail and painted in bright colors . These dolls are made of 4 parts, head, chest, the costume and legs. the weight of the whole doll is borne by the legs . the body is balanced on the legs  on a hook   so are  other parts one on top of other. This enables them to move slowly in rhythmic dance.

A wonderful toy to be owned . This also has received GI tag.


My Tanjore Doll



Rajasthan has a variety of mouth watering savoury and sweet dishes to offer and one can find them in small eateries on the road side.

These are prepared fresh just before eating and they are really spicy , hot and filling .

Here are my random shots of a few I shot when I was in Rajasthan.


Papdi Gatiya


Kachori with savoury filling goes well with green marinated chillies


Poha ,flattened rice, anytime snack


Shankarpali,a sweet salty taste, fried item


Green Chillies with spicy paste as filler


Fried Chillies in gram paste known as Bajjiyas