This is my first attempt at writing a story.  A short one too. Hope you would  like it.

Seeta worked for a recruitment firm .  It was a part  time job. She was happy as her work load was light.  Her work involved talking to her company’s clients and candidates who wanted to register for jobs. She met lot of people, some over phone, some directly. She was very articulate and could  hold the attention of people. Everyone felt comfortable speaking to her. Many befriended her.   She would get busy attending phone calls as soon as she reached.

Prateek, an executive from a top company  fell in love with her voice.Yes, her voice was really sweet and  many had told her. His calls became frequent and he  spoke  to her  in mellifluous tones.  He appeared keen to linger and extend his talk. She got the impression that  it was going something  beyond  official business . Every one at the office started teasing her as he wouldn’t talk to any body except her. One day she was surprised when he asked her whether they could meet at the coffee shop in the town.  Enough was enough, she thought and told politely.  Prateek, “excuse me, I cannot come. Tomorrow I  have to attend a Parents’ meet in my elder  son’s  school”.  Suddenly she could here  a click sound and the line going dead.