This post is in response to the Awareness campaign on Bye Bye breast cancer conducted by Indus ladies .com.

I want to participate in the breast cancer awareness campaign and write a post and make an impact. The words in the logo of Indus Ladies ( IL) are very powerful and should influence a lot hence I used that itself as a title to my post. Don’t we all know pen is mightier than the sword. So here it goes….. I am an Indian and sensitive to things what is happening around the world. I cannot play big games with words but what I want to say here should touch the hearts of people and should make them think about their precious life . I want to be part of a great programme as it may help in improving and saving lives of my own fellow “sisters” .

Last year I had written an article on the same topic Wear it Pink. I am happy many groups are trying to create awareness about this killer disease that affects the ladies as such and a great attempt is being made by IL this year. I was raking my brains how to start this topic.

As a first step I went to check how many have participated in the quiz which was conducted by IL as apart of the of the breast awareness campaign and I was surprised to see a motely 2268 till date when the target is 100,000. IL has thousand of members , well educated people and it is appalling to see such a small number participating in a quiz where the key tells you what to answer. Thinking positive is good , only 97,732 more to go. I remember taking the quiz when I had received the first notification. It is nearly a month since then. What prevents people from participating in such campaigns. Is it lack of time? fear ?or is it just, I will not get such problems. Pray, no one should get affected by this disease. Many know about what is breast cancer and what should be done for self -check ups. But even if we know ,when these things are brought up and a special campaign takes place for a period of one month especially for awareness, is it not sufficient to understand the seriousness of the situation? It can affect anybody , you, me or your close ones. Let’s not be complacent. Our attitude must change. When we are part of a huge mission as such, we would be alert, careful and would be able to spread the good word around and create awareness and save a life.

I feel, like in Western countries the yearly examination must be made compulsory. They raise funds for this every year. It is really a Herculean task if it has to be undertaken in a highly populated country like ours, where even the annual budget on health is a very minuscule percentage. Awareness camps are a necessity and must be taken to schools, colleges and to the society at large. Though finance could be one reason why people delay approaching medics for help, shyness, I believe is a bigger problem preventing many from taking timely medical care or sharing it with family members and relatives.

In addition to the slightly expensive diagnostic tests there is yet another simpler and cost effective way to check this malady- Yes, I am taking about self- examinations. (Though this is not 100% conclusive, this facilitates being an indicator) All campaigns should give a significant weightage for this as many in India could ill afford the diagnostic tests. Dear friends, we must remember a stitch in time saves nine. When the blow strikes only, people wake up and sometimes, it is too late.The trauma, pain and suffering associated with it is unexplainable.

Women are equal partners in the progress of any society and I personally feel it is the responsibility of the Government and corporate sectors to apportion a certain percentage of their revenue towards detection and eradication of this dangerous disease. I would also look upon all the general public to contribute their mite towards this noble cause. I remember in the early 90’s the Cancer Institute at Chennai initiated a campaign inviting contributions from general public even in multiples of Rs.10 for the care of cancer patients. The media which is so powerful today both in print and electronic could play a huge role in taking such campaigns to the homes of general public. I would also like to remind the various sponsors of cricket and other popular sports to share a small portion of their ‘on air’ time for propagating this awareness campaign.

More than 1.18 billion people in India and a very few campaigners. Is it sufficient? Being an optimist to the core, inspite of the enormity of the situation in our country, I am confident we would all join hands and work together for a cancer free society.
Wake up, Work more and Spread the good word.

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Let’s all say bye bye to Breast Cancer. Join me friends!!!