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Some personal commitments kept me away from blogging .  I am back and  making a quick post from my travel .

As I am raking my brain where to start let me post one from my recent Lepakshi visit. Once I get into the groove more will follow.

Lepakshi is a small town in Andhra Pradesh and I had visited the 16th century Veerbahdra Swamy temple in February 2020 and was totally astonished to see the multi pillared dance hall here in front of the main temple. The 70 odd pillar hall has a  single pillar suspended from the roof which doesn’t touch the ground. This is nothing short of a miracle as it has  baffled many architects and engineers and many have even tried to find the secret behind the same without any success. This  pillar keeps everyone guessing.

A great salute to the great architects of yore.Really incredible!!

Picture clicked by me.




Do you know Danish people visited India for trade?

They were also allowed to build a fort to  take care of themselves by the the king of Tanjore.

Taragambadi , earlier known as Tranquebar is a heritage town in Nagapattinam district of Tamilnadu.

Taragambadi means a place of singing waves, right in every sense as this is a coastal town.

This fort and the town they  occupied   is   steeped in history .This town  has ancient churches, Danish fort known as Dansborg which they built right on the beach; now converted to a museum,a few monuments and beautiful age old buildings which transports us to a different era.

This is also known as India’s only Ozone rich beach.

This lies 13 kms North of Karaikal and about 5 -5 1/2 hours drive from Chennai.

Here are a few pictures I captured which I visited recently.