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During my brief stay in Jaisalmer I could visit some Jain temples Amarsagar  and the temples  inside the Fort of Jaisalmer.

It was a mind  blowing experience to see the fine ornate  work on stones making one wonder how these stones slabs were finely chiselled to perfection in the absence of modern day tools. It would have taken years to  create these  masterpieces which reflects the culture and narrates the story of the ancient days.

Both the temples  are dedicated to Jain Tirthankars and  worship takes place regularly here.

The architectural splendour attracts many tourists to these shrines.

Sharing a few pictures here of the same.

I do have a separate blog for Temples  My Pilgrimage


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Mandir Palace was the magnificent abode of the rulers of Jaisalmer, and history says they lived here for a couple of centuries. Presently this Palatial building  is being used as a Heritage hotel  and one can enjoy and view only the exterior of this great palace as entry is restricted. There is a tall tower attached to this palace and is known as ‘Badal Vilas‘. This happens to be the second tallest structure in city next to Jaisalmer fort

This palace is well maintained and in good shape than Patwon Ki haveli. The sprawling courtyards, ornate balconies, domes, intricate work on stones is marvellous. Stone work appears like fine lace work here; amazing indeed. Check it out yourself.

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Thar Desert, Jaisalmer

Thar desert is also known as the great Indian desert  .  A short ride through the desert  was a great experience which is going to  remain in the memory for a long time.

The hot and colourless desert which spread endlessly in front of the eyes , the camel ride  and the camel carts moving through the sand dunes reminded me of Arabian tales.

Here are a few pictures from my Thar desert trip. More details here.

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It is difficult to believe that one is going have a great feast for their eyes  as one   traverses through the  narrow by lanes Jaisalmer leading to this  Haveli and what unfolds as one enters is a jaw dropping experience. That is Patwon Ki Haveli for you.

Patwon Ki Haveli, is a group of magnificient mansions,  constructed by a rich trader  Patwa Gumanmal Bafna for his 5 sons. The Haveli was constructed in 19th century and reflects great art , craft work of intricate nature on stone and wood and glass.

The stone engravings, the latticed balconies, mirror work, engravings on ceilings are really extra ordinary.

My pictures below.

will be back with more on Jaisalmer.

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