Jalebi is a simple , popular  sweetmeat. This is made with refined wheat flour( Maida), butter milk/lime juice, ghee (to fry ) and hot sugar syrup.

Jalebi is  circular in shape  and is either light yellow or Amber. It is fried in hot ghee  then quickly dipped and soaked for a while in hot sugar syrup.

Once done, this crispy sweet will make one drool. They are so light it is difficult to stop with just one.

The amber tubes of the jalebi shines with hot sugar syrup inside and one can just suck out the sugar syrup from the snack. Take time to draw the sugary syrup slowly and it is heavenly once you get the sugary-sour taste in the mouth. Do not forget to taste this simple looking snack if you come across or just ask for it if you happen to visit any North Indian sweet shops.The same snack still tastes well even if it becomes a little soft and soggy and dull in appearance once it loses its crispiness.

I have also heard that  this snack is a popular breakfast item along with a glass of milk in some parts of North India.

Check out my pictures . It just vouches what I mentioned above.

IMG_20151231_102444851 (2)