Dr. Mulay spoke to me in a gentle manner as she was removing the sutures after my Caesarean. She said” Your baby is the most beautiful baby in the hospital”. Wasn’t I thrilled? Of course I was. That is the thing every mother would like to hear. Finally motherhood had come to me. Why finally? Because I had lost my first baby. It had left a big scar in my mind and I also had doubts as to whether I would be able to bear another child. But I had faith in The Almighty and I conceived after a gap of two years. Our whole family was happy and we wanted to have the delivery in the best hospital .I went to King Edward Memorial hospital in Pune and was under the treatment of the famous doctor ,the Magsasay award winner Dr. Banu Coyajee. She assured me everything would be fine. I trusted, as she always made me comfortable. I still remember her smiling face and I thank her every time I think about her.

The D- day arrived my mind was blank when I was wheeled into operation theater. I was given a local anesthesia and I was aware till the time I heard the cries of my baby. My Bundle of Joy had arrived. It was a very cold winter morning in December and mercury had dipped very low. My baby was shivering hence the baby was put under the warm lights in the nursery. Dr. Coyajee came out of the theatre and hugged my husband and said ‘You have a boy!’ We were very thrilled.

I had to wait for about 24 hours to see my bundle of joy. And he was a real ‘bundle’ as he wouldn’t allow me to sleep at the nights. When every one slept he woke up and he knew only to cry and cry. I was quite helpless and wished that God could have given the babies the ability to speak. It took a while for us to get adjusted and I was sure we would.

The cradling ceremony was conducted 12 days hence and his cradle was decorated with mango leaves, festoons and balloons as per the custom. We sang songs which have been sung at such ceremonies for generations. As I had taken a vow to name him in Tirupati we called him ‘Sonu‘ temporarily. Since then many in the family adopted the same name for their children, may be it is short and sweet. Now my bundle of joy has become a really big bundle I think now he has the strength to lift me. The relation ship between me and my son blossomed into a beautiful and healthy one. I had done Child Development and Child Psychology for my graduation and I wanted to see if what I’d learnt in theory would be applicable in real life. And I did find many things what we learn can be adopted. After all, experience is the greatest teacher.

So long.
The saga will continue.
Till then it is adieu