My name is Chegappu Rani. I am the queen of village children. You would find me always surrounded by small kids. They love me. When kids are not around I just clap my hand and chin …chin goes the song from the cymbals I hold in my hand. My master sees that I am always decked up well. As it is very hot and as I spend most of my time outside my master gave me a sun glass also . Am I not cute? . There is a small lever with a rope and my master holds its between his toes and gives a small tug and there I start clapping and children start flocking around and enjoy in amazement.

I like to share happiness with one and all. I am very sweet too. The white and pink wrapping you see below is a ribbon candy. City bred children would not have seen this as they know only about Cadburys and lollipops. This is mainly for poor village folks . My master pulls the white and pink ribbons and stretches it and outcomes a piece and he makes wrist watch, wraps it around the smiling little girl or if it is a boy the master’s deft hands works swiftly and Lo!! it turns into a bicycle. Numerous “Sweet” figures and spreading happiness all around that is the master of Chegappu Rani. Children go licking the candy as if they have conquered the whole world. I love all the kids and usually move from place to place sharing love with everyone.