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City Palace,Udaipur part 1

Udaipur is a beautiful city and  capital of Mewar . The city was built over a period of 400 years, its mansions, forts , Palaces remain a great tourist attraction even today. The princely state is so attractive with its beautiful gardens, lakes and Forts and palaces. To make this as a well planned aesthetically attractive city the work was started by Maharana Udai Singh in 1553  . It is no wonder that this is one among the  great tourist attraction in Rajasthan.

I am taking you all on a tour of City palace in Udaipur. A marvel in marble,this is also an architectural wonder. A tour of this palace will take about a whole day. This has become a great museum which reflects the life style of Mewar kings, the customs,culture , the style of work etc.

Please go through the pictures to enjoy the Palace . It would be injustice on my part just make a small post on this great edifice. Hence I am palnning a series of posts and would bring what I could capture through my lens.

See you all soon!!


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This time taking you to yet another beautiful place Sahelion Ki Bari in Udaipur ( Garden  of the maidens) This is very near to Fateh Sagar lake built by Maharana  Sangram Singh for his queen and her maid assistants who accompanied her as part of dowry.

The queen and her friends used to spend their time here.The garden is a major tourist attraction with a lotus pool and marble fountains and brightly coloured flowering plants.The lush green lawns are well maintained and the water in the fountain gushes from the nearby Fateh Sagar Lake.

Enjoy the pictures.


Udaipur, Fateh Sagar lake

Udaipur in Rajsthan is a very popular tourist destination. The city was founded by Raja Udai singh.

The city is beautiful, clean and has  well maintained edifices, and is surrounded by lakes and gardens.

The scenic beauty is something to be seen and felt. I have some captures which I will share here.

This is Fateh Sagar Lake in Udaipur.





Mysore Palace, Karnataka

On 26th January, Republic Day, I was fortunate enough to see the fully illuminated  Mysore Palace. About 1,00,000 lamps are used for illuminating this grand palace.

The lights came up exactly at 7 Pm and the it was amazing to watch the fully lit beauty against the dark background. The palace shines like a jewel with all the lights on for about 1/2 an hour on Sundays and on National holidays. We just reached there just before the illumination and it was a great experience when suddenly the large edifice was lit at one go. The onlookers squealed with delight.The entry is free for all at  the palace ground during this period.

Only during Dasara ( State festival) it remains illuminated on all days of the festival.

Will post more about the Mysore Palace later.



A walk through Jantar Mantar, Jaipur

Jantar Mantar in Jaipur is constructed by Sawai Jai Singh , the Rajput ruler.This is very near to Sawai mansingh II City Palace.

The observatory consists of fourteen major geometric devices for measuring time, predicting eclipses, tracking star location as the earth orbits around the sun, ascertaining the declination of planets, and determining the celestial altitudes.

Really a lot to understand learn about this observatory. Of all the Jantar mantar constructed ( there are about 5) the one at jaipur is the largest and well preserved.

This is preserved under World heritage Site now.Check here for Jantar Mantar01-IMG_694502-IMG_694603-IMG_694704-IMG_694805-IMG_695206-IMG_695907-IMG_696708-IMG_696809-IMG_697010-IMG_697114-IMG_697913-IMG_697612-IMG_697411-IMG_6973

Albert Hall , Jaipur, -Museum

This is an excellent edifice which is serving as a museum . The spacious  high ceiling halls inside serve as a gallery for exhibits. I have included pictures of interior which would substitute my writing.

Its worth a visit as there are excellent craftsmanship on display.

I also wish Happy New Year to all my friends.




Tamil Poet Kambar’s Tomb

People in Tamilnadu who have read Ramayana would be familiar with name of poet  Kambar. He translated the whole epic in Tamil and it came to be known as Kambaramayanam.More details here

Recently , a trip to Nattarasankottai in Sivaganga district ,we chanced upon the place where the Tamil poet was laid to rest. unknown to many tourists, this place is tucked away in a tiny village of Nattaraasan kottai . There is a small shrine inside where he is entombed and outside there is a shrine for Anjaneya.

The path leading to the shrine and is lined with plants, shrubs and small trees all having medicinal properties. There were even plants which serve as antidote for snake venom.

I was supposed to post on Munnar 2 but My Pilgrimage is linked to this blog and hence decided to go ahead with this.

see you soon.

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The title may make one wonder where I went to make a return. Does it sound like a movie? or a Rajani Kanth dialogue. I have been hibernating( from blogging only) for a while due to some tight schedules  at home and work. It goes without saying, I missed blogging and my wonderful friends. Shifting residence to a new city and settling down has its own troubles and I went through all that. Still, a little more of organising would put everything into its right place. I have organised my work in a such a way that I can devote some time for blogging.

Life is much faster here for me but I have to take it in my stride and keep pace. Though the shift of residence was back breaking I got a respite and made a trip to tea plantations in Munnar.

The trip was enchanting which was organised as part of by better half’s 37th Alumini college meet. His batch mates meet regularly every 3-4 years and it was really a herculean task for the organsiers to pick up their friends spread all over the world. 3 cheers to the team for their fantastic work ; they could locate about 125 + friends when social network was not in place. First meet was conducted for the 25th year and it was amusing to see the friends meeting each other and many could not recognise each other because of obvious reasons…the salt and pepper in the hair, a few kilos around the midriff, some with sparse hair. But the friendship was intact. They hugged each other behaved liked the 20 year old, calling their pet names 🙂 and it was fun and frolic . We enjoyed their fun. It is 12 years since their first meet and at Munnar they met for the 4th one . But the bonds became stronger and now families, I mean the lady folk who accompany them have started their own friend circle . I would say it is great to see these people trying to keep in touch, making it a point to meet their friends and enjoying reminiscing their old days.

Munnar played the best role by offering these gentleman and their spouses the best she could. As Kerala is famous for its rainy weather for our convenience it rained only in the night. The magnificent green carpeted hills with colorful houses itself was a beautiful sight which would capture any heart. We stayed in KTDC Resort Tea County and the stay was pleasant, rooms were extremely clean ,had well maintained gardens could not belive it was a Goverment run organisation. Food and entertainment , sight seeing was part of the agenda. We visited Tata Tea museum , Mettupetty dam,Echo point; I didnt experience any echo:(  and rose garden. As it was not the flowering season could not capture anything worthwhile. Most of the pictures of tea gardens were captured from a moving vehicle . I have many to share and would post in 2 parts.I was also thrilled when I could capture pictures of some wild elephants. As it was dangerous to stop the vehicle my camera  did not keep quiet and  I did capture them so that I could share with you. I do not want to describe all the places I visted in Munnar , the picture will tell you the stories.

take care.

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Pictures captured at Sunrise @ Rameshwaram in Tamilnadu during my recent visit . You can read more about this temple here

Amchem Goa- 6

Goa continues— Mobor Beach and Chapel of Lady of Mount were the next two spots we visited.

Mobor beach: Glittering golden sand and crystal clear water reflecting the after noon Sun  ,the green border woven by the  coconut groves against  blue sky  made the scenery picture perfect.  This beach was different from other beaches in Goa as it was sans the crowd except for a handful of foreigners who were enjoying their sun bath in the quiet sandy shores . This is a private beach and is very close to the Leela Kempenski hotel. The Sun was playing hide and seek , at times softening by hiding behind the clouds and at times glaring mercilessly on us. But that feeling must have been only for me but others were oblivious to the surroundings ; either reading books or  having a snooze. The colorful umbrellas appeared like  rainbows on the beach.

I could not believe it was a beach in Goa, it was quiet except for the song of the waves. Were we crazy to venture out at 3 ‘o clock in the afternoon?? But in Goa, any time is Beach time – time to  have some fun and frolic. We did spend quite moments by gazing at the  unending waves and the azure sea and  time stood still.

Chapel of Our Lady of Mount ,is on a small hill, in Old Goa on the way towards Ponda. A 2 kms drive by a motorable road and a few Laterite steps would lead one to this serene spot. Many tourist miss or bypass  this monument built in 1500 A.D as they are unaware of what they are actually missing. The structure is  absolutely stunning built in typical Portuguese style with white plastered walls and it stands tall and  magnificent overlooking the picturesque Old Goa lined with churches , monumental buildings, greenery and river Mandovi.  The windows of this old chapel have Sun control panels/ films?? , It was  fascinating to imagine people innovated contraptions when modern technology was unavailable in the days of yore.

I also visited some jewellery shops just to get a feel of the market and I felt they were too expensive , it was not surprising as it was tourist hub.. I felt Chitra’s jewel Art is much more attractive and reasonable too 😉

The days spent in Goa are unforgettable ,  and I am cherishing each moment I spent in the lovely company of my family.

PS:  Power situations have improved and it is a great relief in the peak of summer season .I would say Wind Gods have blessed.:) Hope to be active here too.

See you soon!!

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