Everyday apart from routine chores, I do have some add- ons on my list now..Feeding crows, dogs and  cats. Cats joined the list recently.. I do not know what else will join the queue.
It is interesting and the morning alarm is blown by the crows. They wait..nay they caw …till I come out of my house..for their feed. But I feel they belong to North India as they are not interested in Idli , dosa, rice etc. They prefer chapathis. Even bread pieces are left untouched. If I leave chapathi bits they just swoop down and finish off in fraction of a second. Bread and dosa are given thorough scrutiny, a peck here and there and is left to dry and it becomes fodder for ants. That way ants too enjoy food.
Second on the list are dogs … They prefer something non vegetarian which I cannot provide. So they settle for biscuits or bread. Dogs wag tail …But these dogs, they have forgotten that natural instinct.  They just wait for the food minus wagging , eat and leave.  Is their love also becoming conditional or does the rumbling in the stomach and rough life they lead on streets making them forget all these?

A cat has found my car shed safe shelter for her kitten and a portion of my milk goes to her early morning. the cute kitty sits by her side learning to drink milk. love watching them.  Feeding and watching these birds and animals is interesting and relaxing too.

See you all!!