It has been a quite a while and though I tried hard, it was not easy  for me to balance blogging and work. Wish I had many hands ..Oh No…that would have created more problems too..Let me be what I am, an ordinary human being with a golden heart:)

I want to write a lot about the things happening in our society. Recently a love story ended in a tragedy . It will beat any cinema story because there  are a lot of twists  and turns which no script writer can ever think of….

A girl from a upper caste  fell in love and married a dalit boy and their happiness was short -lived when  they were hounded by the fanatics and politicians resulting in girls father committing suicide. many houses were  torched  where the couple lived and they were harassed to the core to settle some scores..

Then one day the girl left the boy stating that she considers herself responsible for father’s death and do not want the whole village to suffer because of her . A desperate and dejected husband was recently found  dead near the railway line . Is that murder or did he choose to end his life? that would remain an unanswered question.

In interior part of the State caste divisions and fights among different community are very common. I was shocked to learn that a double tumbler system exists in many tea shops.  That means coffee is served to upper caste in one set of containers and another set  separately maintained for the lower cast ones…

Will We ever Change?