Life is full of surprises. It is never the same. Each day is different and we come across different situations and opportunities. We have to see the opportunities and use it to our best . The same opportunities never knocks again . I was a home maker who chucked up  a career to be with her son but when he became independent I started looking for opportunities and indeed got one. It opened a great window where I learnt a lot and I became instrumental in shaping and moulding many youngsters life. I don’t consider myself great, I only worked with passion and dedication..and  I interacted with people from my heart and it worked wonders.

I travelled to remote places taking my work , worked with rural population and got satisfied seeing the transformation. I travelled about 75000 Kms. in 5 years only by road + some more by rail….. I wanted to slow down and started looking for opportunities again and some other venture opened up. Again heart and soul was put into  it and I can see something taking shape….. I believe in this world of abundant opportunities, we should be dynamic, flexible and committed to whatever we do , then success automatically follows. And Success is not always counted how much money one makes at the end of the day. It is much more than that. Life makes us much more wiser and we keep learning.