Indus Ladies Mother's day contest

Indus Ladies Mother's day contest

My son loved to play with toys as every child does. He was more interested in vehicles and we tried to get him all kinds of vehicles available in the toy shop. He had cars, cycle, auto rickshaw, crane, scooter, dumper truck, bus, milk tanker, aero plane, helicopter etc. Every morning he would bring his toy bag and would spread his toys on the floor. He used to play traffic snarls putting the vehicles one behind the other in a row. He missed a road- roller in his collection and would ask any visitor home to get one for him. We could not find that in any shop at Pune. I still remember my brother-in-law going around many shops in Mumbai to get him one. For that matter, even today we are yet to see one toy road roller after 20years.

Another liking he developed was for jig saw puzzles. Before I speak about his passion for jig saw puzzle I want to tell about my wonderful neighbours and their daughters who have played a significant role in his formative years. They were Punjabis and we were Konkanis. They started talking to him in English which was a common language and with in no time my son became fluent in English. At that time he was about 2 and a half years old. It amazed me how fast kids learn things when it takes longer time for adults. Young children have no fear and are confident to attempt any new things and invariably learn to do it well if they get adequate guidance and conducive environment.

One day my neighbour handed over a bag to me which had lot of jigsaw puzzle pieces for my son to play. I was not sure whether he would be able to do it. As there were no pictures of the puzzle, they showed him how to do it and Lo! He did it well to every body’s amazement. Seeing his interest we went to buy more puzzles for him. The shop keeper looked at my child and said “we don’t have any thing for his age”. What was available in the shop was for a 4-5 year category and we bought it for him. He could do it within minutes. Then we went in for more complicated ones with more pieces and he solved all those easily as well. At the age of 5 he could do jigsaw puzzles meant for a 10 year old. I think my son had a score of such puzzles which kept him engaged when his father was on tour. It became so routine he started getting bored and to get challenge he used to do that inverted with only the shapes of pieces to fit.

What I understood from this was we elders are putting boundaries to ourselves and to our children as to what we can do or cannot do. I think kids absorb things very fast and their little brains are able to take in as much as possible if right exposure is given to them. In my earlier post I had mentioned about buying expensive toys for the kids. There is no harm in that if one can afford. It would be good if some money is spent to buy things for them which will help them to think, and be creative. I have found Jig saw puzzles improve concentration and help kids to stay focused. It also keeps hyper active children remain in one place and control their hyper activity if suitable environ is created around the child.

Parents believe that they being elders and knowledgeable can only, give. I want to narrate here what I learnt from my young son, which I use even today in my motivation programmes for youngsters and not so young as well.

My son though very fast in solving puzzles was not so fast when it came to running races. I knew that, but would encourage him to participate in all the things he wanted to take part. Once during the sports meet in his school he participated in 4 events. Lime and spoon race, sack race, relay and 100 meters dash. In the evening when he came home he was very much excited and told us he came first in all the events. It was a pleasant surprise for me but something at the back of my mind was holding me back. My mother- in- law and my husband’s aunt who were at home for a short stay, were thrilled about it. During prize distribution ceremony my doubts were cleared as his name was called only for relay race. He got a silver medal. Knowing my son I was wondering how he could win all the events. But the lesson for me was he considered himself a winner. He was so focused on reaching his goal he never realized who went past him. May be he didn’t win all the trophies but did feel like a winner. I feel that is all life is about. It is all in the mind. It also reminds me of a poem-“Race” by D.H.Groberg. It is about how a father encourages his son to rise and run every time he falls during a race. The son does not come first but every time he falls he gets up and completes the race. We have a lot of lessons to learn from it.
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