My series on Goa is not complete but I digress and want to speak about some thing else before I continue my posts  on Amchem Goa.

Life’s experience itself makes us wiser and each everyday in our life is a challenge and teaches us something new. I am going to share an experience I recently had when I was away from my home town and had to stay in a hotel for few days for my work. Everything was hunky dory till my I met one old day in her mid sixties, in the  hotel lobby who introduced herself to me as  Dr. Kamala retired professor of English  from St. Xaviers, Mumbai. I did not pay much attention to her on the first  day  as I was tired and was proceeding to my room. Next day morning as I was leaving for work I met this lady again in the lounge.  She smiled and I smiled back.  As I was waiting for my pick up vehicle this lady started talking to me. First thing she told  me was, she lost her young daughter recently, who was working for a popular MNC  and she was an alumnus of a top Indian business school. She also added that they had been to Rameshwaram to perform her final obsequies and on their return journey their baggage was stolen in the train. I just commented ‘may be it is a bad phase in your life’ and I moved . She also told me her son is accompanying her and is in the room who was very much dejected. She also said he is working for the second biggest shipping company in the world as a sailor.

That evening I  was having my dinner in the restaurant . I saw this lady again in company of her son having their dinner at a different table. I just envied their huge order where as I could not even eat  more than few morsels to complete my dinner.

This lady came and sat opposite to me and started chatting about  the nature of my work . Then she started speaking about the training she had in those days and about the pathetic condition of English that is taught in schools. She was so attractively communicating I had no reasons but to believe what ever she said.

Her son too joined the conversation soon and when later as I moved to my room they also came along with me. As I was entering my room, he asked if I am interested in a project to teach English for a few Korean ladies who were the spouses of the  Port officers of a private sector port in South India.

As  I  am a freelance trainer in Communicative English , I expressed my interest.  He said he would put me through to the concerned people to get me an extremely attractive contract with them. Meanwhile I had consulted my spouse  to get his confirmation for my  project there. We  parted to meet next day morning to discuss how to take it further.When I spoke to my son regarding this he suggested though it sounded attractive I should tread with caution.

Next morning she took  my address and contact details and told me the representative of the company will call me and I would also receive some papers from the company through courier and that I would be required to meet that representative at Chennai.  Then after a few minutes this lady came  back to my room and asked for Rs.  101 as pichai ( alms to a beggar) which she would offer to the God for her daughter.  She spread her hands and said ” Bhavathi Bhiksham Dehi” ( Lady- Give me alms) and  I handed over  Rs.101 to her. She stressed on Re1 and she said that is how her priest asked her to do. In South India this is a regular custom so it didn’t  surprise me . She also said they were returning back  that evening.

When I came back in the afternoon I found their room was locked and the receptionist told me they had gone out some where and I came back home with out meeting them further.

Next day I was surprised when the hotel staff contacted me and enquired if I have any information about this  mother-son duo who were in the room adjacent to mine. I enquired  the reason for the call and he told me that this duo had slipped away with out settling their hefty bill and the key of their room.  They also asked whether I had lost anything .

Probably the good will I have generated and blessings of Goddess Durga whom I constantly pray to, saved me from a catastrophe.I am sharing this with all my readers to make them aware that all that glitters is not gold and caution at every step is indeed mandatory if you have to survive in this difficult world.

Take care……..