Jaisalmer fort, also known as the golden fort  or Sonar Quila, stands tall in the centre of the town,  it was built in 1152 AD and  it was known as Jaisalmer city and later as population increased the settlements extended beyond the four walls.

This magnificent fort is the one of the very few ‘living forts” in the world with about 3000-4000 inhabitants. A walk through the fort is a must to understand the life and culture of the people  living here. There is always  a festive mood here, the shops and street sellers displaying   colourful trinkets, the walls and doorways of houses decorated with colourful festoons and cloth, Tourist and dwellers meandering through the narrow lanes , the local women in their colourful costumes trying to coax the people to buy their wares. It is really a beautiful experience.

The  wood work and stone carvings in each every inch of this fort will make one spellbound and it  is a something to be experienced.

There are also street singers to enthrall the  crowd and one can enjoy the same here.

Yet another extremely impressive thing here is there are many  Jain temples with exquisite sandstone and marble work. There are about 600 to 700 idols here and cameras are allowed with a small fee.

I will reserve the temple pictures for my next post.

Now just let me take you through the Golden fort. Enjoy a few moments within the fort.