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An evening in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad, Gujarat is a busy town and and it was only a transit point for us as we didn’t include much sight seeing in out itinerary. We did mange to get   a few hours to make a lightning visit to  the city.

I heard so much about the Law Garden where they sell ethnic wear , I was curious to find out what it really was.

This Law Garden shopping street functions only during the evenings and it and it makes your eyes sparkle as you find lot of colourful , brilliant fabrics stitched to perfection  with patchwork , mirror work and Kutch work, the specialities of various regions in Gujarat.

When you are in Ahmedabad don’t forget to visit Law Garden and use your bargaining skills well .We had a whale of a time going through various shops and enjoying the whole experience.

What I didn’t like in Ahmedabad is the unruly traffic which never obeyed any traffic rules.

Pictures from Law Garden. Sorry about the quality of pictures


Here are some captures.





For those who want to go on a spiritual journey, spend some time in Jagadeesh Mandir which is at the top of a small hillock, in the heart of the city itself.

A few steps up and one can have darshan of Lord Krishna. The temple has excellent ornate work on marble and one can spend some moments of peace and quiet.


A 5 minutes walk will take one to yet another beautiful spot Lake Pichola. this is an artificial fresh water lake. This lake houses 4 important islands Jag palace, Jag Mandir and Mohan Mandir and Arsi Vilas. More here.

Bagore Ki Haveli, is a museum adjacent to Lake Pichola . This was built in 18th century. This has more than 100 rooms and throws light into the life of royal families.

The courtyard of the haveli gets lit and brightened up in the evening and tourist can enjoy the cultural programmes of Mewar. Ladies wearing traditional colourful dresses entertain with their dance performances. Really a  treat to our ears and eyes. They move and gyrate with fire pots on their heads, some play with sharp daggers and knives, The most impressive was the a veteran performer moving with a colourful mud pot on her head and adding each pot on top of the previous one as she was dancing without stopping for a moment. She  stacked  more than 10 without losing balance. She even sat down and took a piece of silk by her mouth from the floor with all the pots intact. Really  got mesmerized seeing that.

Please go through the slide show to enjoy a small part of an event I could capture.

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This show comes with a price, the rates are moderate and one has to purchase camera tickets. This is to support the performers . Be early to get seats in the front .