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25 feet idol of Lord Shiva

This imposing  picture of Lord Shiva captured at Nageshwara temple Darukavanam, Dwarka, Gujarat.




Random Shot

Gemstones, shells, pearls beads for sale @ Dwarka beach. Price was very reasonable.


Ship of the Desert

Some pictures captured when I visited Jaisalmer, Rajasthan.



Rajasthan Bangles

These pictures of bangles I captured at Mount Abu. The happy shopkeeper allowed me to take a few snaps ūüôā



Sun Set , Dwarka, India

Sun set , various faces captured from Dwarka.

No narration/description required.



Rajasthan Art and Crafts

Rajasthan is very famous for its handmade  items .  Artisans here , have a flair to mix colours and textures and the end results are  amazing . They use locally available materials and create fantastic show pieces be it a stone or a piece of wood or a cloth.The magical fingers of artisans turn them into colourful vibrant curios.

Marble work , enamel work known as Minakari work is very famous in Rajasthan. Carry a few as souvenir on your visit to the State.

A few of the craft work of Rajasthan. Enjoy my captures. I am glad I could share these with you all.

see you soon:)


Hall of Heroes- Udaipur Museum

If anyone is interested in seeing history of Mewar please move slowly through the beautiful gallery which is very close to the Rana Pratap Memorial .  Life size paintings of great heroes adorn the walls . It gives an insight into the life of these great heroes which will make the  hearts  swell with pride.

The gallery was  quiet as there was no crowd which helped me to click a few pictures of the  brave hearts  and courageous heroes.