Motherhood Rally

Janani Janma bhoomischa swargath api gariyasi. This means Mother and motherland are superior even to heaven.This verse is taken from Hindu epic Ramayana.

Mother is a wonderful creation of God and I would say it is reincarnation of God himself to take care of yet another creation of His- the beautiful babies.  Like God, Mother is   epitome of love, she spends whole of her life taking care of her child. She guides,  instills strong values in her child. makes him responsible as a good citizen . She enjoys each and every moment with her child giving her unconditional love. The role played by a mother in moulding her child is quite great and there are no parallels to this.

Three cheers for all the moms there!!

Some are  waiting for their turn to receive their bundle of joy to enjoy motherhood and I send my Baby Dust wishes  to them that their wishes come true soon…pretty soon.

This post is made in support of Motherhood Rally being conducted by for Mother’s day for all TTC women . I appreciate the initiative and I wish tons of best wishes.

See you!!