Visits to different locales are always inspiring  and our country is one such which never ceases to surprise one. It was a nice break for me as I was missing my trip to various locales since I moved to Chennai and my blog went into  hibernation. I hardly made two -three posts last year and got more involved with my work; another reason from staying away from posting here.
Now I am back from a trip of North India and it was a highly thrilling  experience. Each and every place I explored had its own cultural identities and people were warm , lovely and helpful.
Though the trip was hectic, I am happy we could cover what was intended . It is also not easy to travel so far and just visit one or 2 places. We visited Amritsar, Delhi, Mathura , Brindavan, Jaipur, Jaodhpur, Varanasi and Allahabad. During the travel from South to North we crossed Andhra Pradesh,Maharashtra, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Delhi and covered a distance of  about 8000 Kms in 12 days, not a small feat by any measure.
Loved the Golden temple in Amritsar enjoyed Punjabi food and the well maintained forts and palaces of colourful Rajasthan.

Heart swelled with pride when I participated in the Attari border closing ceremony at Wagah border. Jalian Wala bagh was another monument I visited and felt proud of my brethren  who had so much self respect and loved freedom which we are enjoying now.

Shall be getting back with my travelogues one by one to share my experiences of the 10-12 days spent away from my home. Now I am back to my daily routine but still revelling in the beautiful journey I have been through.

Shall be posting the path I travelled in the last few days and will try to do justice by sharing pictures too.

A collage of my Yatra.