Festival season has started and today it is Pongal , the harvest festival of Tamilnadu.

Pongal festival is celebrated for 4 days . First day , Bhogi Pongal is for cleaning the house and surroundings . The old and discarded stuff is burnt  by making bonfires. Second day is known as Surya pongal . On this auspicious day people offer prayers to the Sun God by cooking pongal made of freshly harvested rice and split gram dal in milk and sugar/jaggery . This is cooked in earthen ware pots in a traditional way outside the house  using firewood. Sugarcane and  fresh turmeric saplings are part of the accompaniments for offering .

 Third day is known as Mattu pongal and on this day  cow and bullocks are worshipped as they aid in farming. Their horns are painted in bright hues and adorned with flowers and belts with bells on neck and legs  and  sweet Pongal is offerd to them also.
The 4th day is for merry making which is known as Kanum Pongal where the people come out in huge numbers for site seeing and visiting families and friends  .
I captured some early morning scenes as the houses were getting ready for the festival. Beautiful patterns known as Rangolis/kolam  were made in front of the house . Also could get pictures of rising Sun on Surya Pongal day.

Sunrise on Pongal day

Sunrise on Pongal day



IMG_6027 IMG_6028


Sweet Pongal Sweet Pongal