Chennai is getting hot and humid and in the coming days she will become hotter and hottest. The heat and humidity is becoming unbearable. But there is something that I love to do during these days. To cool myself and to break the monotony of my daily routine; I just  walk up  to the beach which is a couple of kilometers from  my house.  A trip to the beach is rejuvenating. It is  like opening a new window everyday,  endless sea ahead, the shining white sand ,the blue sky which keeps changing its tone now and then,.the colorful motor boats, ships moored in the deep sea visible as if through a smoke screen and smaller boats plying in shallow waters   are always a feast to the eyes.

The sound  “chundal”…… ( it is snack made of  Bengal gram or ground nuts ) pierces the ear when one wants to concentrate on the sound of waves kissing the shore.  These small time vendors selling chundal pattani laced with raw minced mangoes try to woo the customers by showing off  their container right under your eyes( nose) and many fall for it. There are also vendors selling murukku and kuzhipaniyarams. Apart from these traditional normal eats there are also the chatpata items  like  panipuris , chats and the super duper favourite of all . the  ice creams .

I also fancy watching  toddlers and young children playing in the sand and water. Those who are fitness savvy ; old and young , walk, jog or do aerobics. There are quite a few who  come to enjoy the evening breeze. One can also see huge dogs, pampered ones  brought by their owners for a good exercise. There also dogs of lesser God moving around in search of food or basking in the evening Sun worrying  how to get their next meal.

On weekends the crowd swells and so do  the vendors, Early morning walkers enjoy buying fresh vegetables  as the vegetable vendor who frequents the beach gets a captive crowd.. It is  good for morning walkers as it saves them a trip to market albeit the prices are  slightly high .

The beach is small and is frequented by neighbouring people. The resident association takes care of the upkeep of the surrounding areas.  Police provide security to the people and it is intensified in the evening when darkness sets in.

Shall get some pictures soon .

take care.