Diwali is round the corner and the mood is upbeat in every household as everyone is gearing up to celebrate the festival. Women are busy getting the sweetmeats ready . Recipes are available now at finger tips with the internet playing the mother’s role giving  step by step methods . It is definitely better than getting it from outside shops at exorbitant prices.

Till a few years ago ,  Diwali was a time to exchange sweets among friends, relatives , and seek blessings of elders . Now all that is waning. Lot of money is splurged on getting dresses, gadgets and lighting up fire crackers. I feel it would be better if  some time could be devoted for the underprivileged children who are homeless and the sparkle of light is nil in their lives.  With only a twinkle in their eyes they wait to get some love and happiness in their life . I have made some plans for this Diwali. I would be sharing what I did on that day. Let’s make this Diwali a safe and happy one. There must be Light in the mind; within  so that the inner light can wipe out the  darkness in the outer world..

Hope and Pray the festival would light up the lives of all the unfortunate, underprivileged children. Wish I had  a magic wand where it would wipe out all the problems of the hapless little ones.

Happy Diwali.