People in Tamilnadu who have read Ramayana would be familiar with name of poet  Kambar. He translated the whole epic in Tamil and it came to be known as Kambaramayanam.More details here

Recently , a trip to Nattarasankottai in Sivaganga district ,we chanced upon the place where the Tamil poet was laid to rest. unknown to many tourists, this place is tucked away in a tiny village of Nattaraasan kottai . There is a small shrine inside where he is entombed and outside there is a shrine for Anjaneya.

The path leading to the shrine and is lined with plants, shrubs and small trees all having medicinal properties. There were even plants which serve as antidote for snake venom.

I was supposed to post on Munnar 2 but My Pilgrimage is linked to this blog and hence decided to go ahead with this.

see you soon.

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