Goa continues— Mobor Beach and Chapel of Lady of Mount were the next two spots we visited.

Mobor beach: Glittering golden sand and crystal clear water reflecting the after noon Sun  ,the green border woven by the  coconut groves against  blue sky  made the scenery picture perfect.  This beach was different from other beaches in Goa as it was sans the crowd except for a handful of foreigners who were enjoying their sun bath in the quiet sandy shores . This is a private beach and is very close to the Leela Kempenski hotel. The Sun was playing hide and seek , at times softening by hiding behind the clouds and at times glaring mercilessly on us. But that feeling must have been only for me but others were oblivious to the surroundings ; either reading books or  having a snooze. The colorful umbrellas appeared like  rainbows on the beach.

I could not believe it was a beach in Goa, it was quiet except for the song of the waves. Were we crazy to venture out at 3 ‘o clock in the afternoon?? But in Goa, any time is Beach time – time to  have some fun and frolic. We did spend quite moments by gazing at the  unending waves and the azure sea and  time stood still.

Chapel of Our Lady of Mount ,is on a small hill, in Old Goa on the way towards Ponda. A 2 kms drive by a motorable road and a few Laterite steps would lead one to this serene spot. Many tourist miss or bypass  this monument built in 1500 A.D as they are unaware of what they are actually missing. The structure is  absolutely stunning built in typical Portuguese style with white plastered walls and it stands tall and  magnificent overlooking the picturesque Old Goa lined with churches , monumental buildings, greenery and river Mandovi.  The windows of this old chapel have Sun control panels/ films?? , It was  fascinating to imagine people innovated contraptions when modern technology was unavailable in the days of yore.

I also visited some jewellery shops just to get a feel of the market and I felt they were too expensive , it was not surprising as it was tourist hub.. I felt Chitra’s jewel Art is much more attractive and reasonable too 😉

The days spent in Goa are unforgettable ,  and I am cherishing each moment I spent in the lovely company of my family.

PS:  Power situations have improved and it is a great relief in the peak of summer season .I would say Wind Gods have blessed.:) Hope to be active here too.

See you soon!!

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