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The Archaelogical museum of Goa is just opposite to Baslica of  Bom Jesus which is in Old Goa. The white  tall structure  of the museum is  magnificent and includes many galleries. It is functioning in the convent portion of the St. Francis of Assisi. The whole history of Goa is depicted inside the museum but photography is prohibited. The  church portion  has excellent paintings on walls and ceiling and there are huge stone oil lamps with pedestals.  There is an altar and small statues of saints and apostles.

Behind the museum too, there is an old church, St. Catherine’s,  built of laterite stones . The sprawling grounds of the museum is beautified with green lawns and flowering plants. There are also various exhibits displayed outside the museum too which belong to the Portuguese period in Goa.

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PS: We are having some relief from power cuts. Windmills have started generating electricity. Hope wind Gods will keep blessing 🙂