Amchem Goa, beckoned again and I just travelled 1500Kms to be in the lap of pristine beauty which is nurtured well and is  a  rarity  in other places. The absence of concrete jungles is a big relief .

I had a wonderful trip. made the best of the time effectively. We  reached Goa early morning when the Sun was just peeping out.  We stayed at Goa tourism hotel in old Goa. An excellent place  with neat rooms and good service.

Goa’s landscape is  blessed with hills , greenery, rain forests and beautiful beaches. Apart from beaches there is river Mandovi frilled with  small islands and  bird sanctuary, One can spend hours just looking at the barges plying with iron ore and enjoying the cool breeze that blows across.  The old churches which are steeped in history have a lot of stories to tell. The place just transports one to a bygone era. My heart yearns to be there. Though the place is a haven for tourists, roads are not crowded and congested.I  didn’t find any vehicles moving bumper to bumper.

Every hotel serves booze and it flows here like the water in Mandovi. They are amused when you say you don’t want a drink. Music is enjoyed very much by the fun loving Goan people and some restaurants offer music along with food.  For lover’s of sea food there is a lot to choose and not  much for the idli and dosa loving South Indians.  Coconut , mango cashew and arecanut groves are plenty here.  The houses with tiled roofs with balcony and porch in front is unique to this place and it would remind  one of Kerala houses.

We could  visit only  a few tourist spots., the purpose of visit being personal. But loved each day spent as it is Amchem Goa. Loved listening to people conversing in Konkani ,though the dialect was different from what we speak , felt quite at home.

Shall keep posting pictures for my friends. Do  enjoy.

Pics are of Karmali railway station, Sunrise, Basilica of Bom Jesus where the relics of St. Francis are kept. The interiors of the Basilica are well maintained and atmosphere is serene. There is also a museum opposite to the Basilica. Shall write  more on this religious institution in My Pilgrimage blog.

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to be continued…….

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