Hi my friends.

I think, I am going to become an extinct species in the world of blogging. I am slowly getting disconnected. There is no denial that my work is keeping me busy but certain other factors prevent me from sitting at the computer. However much I wish to spend time here, I cannot.The reason is simple but grave.We have erractic power cuts  stretching up to 8-10 hours per day which drains  my computer UPS . My batteries are also drained because I am unable to work , I laze more and lethargy sets in. I want to share the power cuts  scheduled in a day for us here. Apart from the scheduled ones, we have unscheduled powercuts too. That, one cannot say when it will appear and it loves us so much and stays for long…..Apart from these ,we have maintenance of our substations on a regular basis that means ,the power is off from morning 9-6 .I wonder what  is the meaning of maintenance  here. I have stayed in many cities but shutting down for the whole day is a new and different experience here. Is it an excuse to impose power cuts? Our scheduled power cuts start early morning 5 am – 5.45 am. Then there is a breather , just to show that there is power in our state.. 🙂

Now I understand why staying in smaller towns are disadvantageous. When people in  big cities enjoy power, people in small towns bear the brunt of power deficit and are discriminated.Why it cannot be shared equally by all.  I am ashamed to say we are staying in a developing ? country which is boasting of getting a super power symbol soon.

I run around to complete my laundry and  running the mixer, checking my mails etc whenever there is power.We were going to have A Golden Rule and everything was hunky dory for 2 months , but honeymoon soon ended and the grind has started. Power cut schedules, work with clock like precision . we live today by not looking at the clock but by looking at the  fans and lights when they turn on and off. Power again is switched off between 9-12 , then between 3-6 pm   7.30 – 8.15 pm  . We cannot relax because there are 2 more cuts scheduled during  9.30 pm and 10.30 pm and 12-12.45. After that we drift off to sleep and only  God and the supply fellow  knows when the power is cut. Night schedules are only for smaller duration so that people in deep sleep are unaware of it.

I haven’t seen any one protesting.  I also do not know if  any  protest is happening .

I am just wondering about the poor farmers, the small industries whose businesses run into losses when their scheduled work does not happen in a day. I am also worried about students whose exams are scheduled for March- April. We are facing this problem for the last 3 years. Now it has become severe and erratic. I am not understanding why adequate steps have not been taken to solve the  woes of people. We are  suffering in a Free India for our basic necessities of life. My hobby keeps me sane, otherwise I don’t know how I would have survived. I think India is the best place to learn tolerance , May be we would soon move back to stone age:)

I am unable to visit any blogs , make posts and miss you all. Let the Power God shine, I will be back…for sure..

Even before I press the publish button I will be eaten by the demon Power Cut. God save our state.