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We found village vendors, selling succulent Palmyra fruits which are supposed to be a coolant; they just come rushing towards the vehicles with neatly folded Palmyra leaves clipped like a boat laden with the fruits. I was also surprised to see the Palmyra fruit apple, a first time for me; a spongy mass of the embryo of the fruit.  Out of curiosity we stopped to find out what it was and were happy to find out that ,it was akin to the embryo of coconut palm which I had tasted earlier.  It was pale yellow, sweet , had a soft and spongy texture .The vendor was patient enough to explain how the palm apple is formed. Ripe Palmyra fruits are sowed in the sand and the shoots appear above the ground. Then they are removed and the soft embryo formed inside is removed. Left as it is, it would become a Palmyra tree.These fruit apples are straight from the bosom of mother nature unadulterated, which is removed and served right in front of our eyes. We devoured the palm fruit apple to our hearts’ content.

Coutrallam is also famous for wide variety of fruits like Mangosteen, star fruit, water apple, star gooseberries, mangoes, rambutan and guava. The colorful array of star fruits, raw mangoes, and water apples spiced with chilli powder and salt is a great attraction and certainly made me drool.  Many shops sell spices like  cardamom, cinnamon , nutmeg, honey and various herbal roots and tourists certainly pack a few when they leave this  place.

I met a sadhu while visiting the temple. Seeing my camera he wanted me to click a picture and I happily obliged. He was too happy to  pose and I felt it was a regular routine for him.There many shops around the temple selling souvenirs and trinkets . I aso found many shops selling banana chips and ghee halwa which were arranged as big  blocks.

I went on clicking pictures so that you could also enjoy this exotic place from the comfort of your house and plan a trip soon to enjoy and soak in fun and frolic. . This place surely has a de-stressing effect. Boarding and lodging facilities are plenty but it is advisable to have a reservation in advance during the peak seasons.


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