Coutrallam Water Falls

Want a break from the humdrum of life? Looking for a respite from the daily stress filled life? Head towards Coutrallam, a simple yet exotic place, which allows one to unwind, relax, rejuvenate and feel closer to nature blessed in abundance by Mother Nature with a pleasant climate. Coutrallam is in Tirunelveli district of Tamil Nadu bordering Kerala.Coutrallam has a beautiful landscape bordered with hills where the river Chittar breaks into nine falls. I made a trip recently to this place and could visit a few spots. The water cascading down the hills here has medicinal properties and curative powers for various skin ailments. It is believed that, the rain forests on top are laden with lot of medicinal plants and herbs.  This place is really enchanting and one feels very light in mind and refreshed after spending a few hours at this famous tourist spot.

I visited only Main falls, Five falls, Old falls, and Tiger falls. All these scenic spots would mesmerize anyone with sheer beauty and the grandeur. One would be surprised to see the beauty of natural water showers which is not intimidating. Even little children happily take bath under these water sprinklers. But the force of water is certainly heavy and sharp during the monsoons and at times it would be difficult to go near the waterfalls. Safety precautions are always adopted and are in force. The best season is to visit between June-August, at the onset of South-West monsoon and again around October –December in sync with North-East monsoon.

Our first visit was to the Main falls which is at the centre of the town itself. The sound of water gushing from this falls can be heard a few meters away. One would forget the self as one moves closer to the nature’s lap. As the scenery changes, the atmosphere and the people around you become non-existent. Vendors selling exotic fruits and berries, Playful monkeys moving in groups with their little ones are very special to this place. The whole place becomes bright and colorful and the copious flow of water from falls would get one rooted to the ground with gaping mouth. This place is really awesome.

The thick growth of trees and bushes is a safe haven for monkeys and their pranks are yet another entertainment. They move casually among the tourists carrying their baby darlings closer to their chest. The playful monkeys leap, glide and perform acrobatics. The little ones clinging to their mothers are smug and safe during all the acts.

Oil massage with herbal aromatic oil is famous here and there are many centers around the waterfalls offering this facility. After the massage, the tourists head over for the waterfalls where nature massages them with the speed and force of water. Once under the waterfalls, people are reluctant to move out of the spot. Once they bathe in one, they move  to the next. Whole day can be spent moving in and out of cascading waters enjoying the natural water sprinklers.

There is a famous temple of Siva near the main falls known as Tirucoutraleeshwarar. This is one of five famous temples of Lord Natarajar in South India. The temple has beautiful carvings and murals.  

Water branches into five showers at five falls known as aindharuvi (five falls) in local parlance, and here many can take shower simultaneously at one single spot. The spray of water hits you even when you are safely away at a distance. A splash of a few droplets itself is rejuvenating. 

Old falls cascades beautifully and comes down in magnificent folds. Tiger falls is the smallest and weakest and is very safe for young children. The approach road is flanked by green paddy  fields laced with coconut palms. The over grown trees on either side of the road form a canopy and  keep the harsh Sun rays from seeping down. The bright blue sky and the bordering hills make the place really stunning. Words fail here to describe the true nature of the place….

To be continued ….

Enjoy the photos Now. Shall share more photos in my next post. Till then….