Science has advanced very well and it has presented us with many gadgets to make our life easy , smoother and convenient. In the field of communication for example it has has created magic by bringing the distances closer. Gone are the days one had to wait for letters and near and dear are just a dial away. The cute little contraption called mobile phone has reached nook and corners of our country and one would find all, busy talking on roads, malls,  railway stations and performing  acrobatics while driving and riding vehicles.

A recent accident in my neighbourhood prompted me to write on  this subject. A two wheeler rider said bye bye to this world as he was too busy to notice the bus when he was climbing up a slope to reach the main road.

The safety rules do not allow using mobile phones while driving . This up to some extent is followed in cities and bigger towns where there is presence of police constalbles who keep patrolling .  Do we always need someone at our back to maintain discipline.The picture is different when  you move to rural areas. Many a time I am surprised to see autorickshaw wallahas and two wheeler riders  continuously chatting while driving the vehicle and the mobile perched safely between the  shoulder and the ear or driving it single handedly. The concentration and focus  gets distracted and also his vision ahead is  at an angle.  I wonder why can’t they stop and chat and proceed instead of putting their’s  and  somebody else’s life in peril.

In a  tragedy which occured just 200 mts from my house a middle aged father was riding his 2 wheeler with his school going  daughter in the pillion had to pay a heavy  price for using the cell phone while riding. During peak morning hour when school buses and vans conquer the road , this man with mobile perched in between the shoulder and ear came up a slope on the main road and he fell under a bus and he lost his life on the spot. the small girl who was thrown out got severely injured when the tyres of the bus crushed her hands. I could see the ambulance and the crowd around the scene. But more was to come.The ambulance which carried the girl again met with an accident on the high way killing the driver and the already injured and suffering girl.Well it did not end there.The uncle with whom this man was living with could not bear the shock of the twin deaths in the family and suffered a cardiac arrest only to succumb to it a few hours later. The news was saddening and keeps haunting me,making me wonder if only the father was not having that phone in his hand at that time!!!.Why are people playing with their lives. The man lost his life because of his own fault but what about the innocent girl, the helping ambulance driver or the benevolent uncle who was sitting at home who all lost their lives for no fault of theirs.Then what about those relatives and loved one who will never be able to get this out of their memory and suffer silently for the rest of their life

Every place around the town we see flex boards raised by traffic department to use safety measures while using the road .But who cares. Why they turn a blind eye is beyond my comprehension. Why people flout the rules? Will we never ( ever)  learn? .

May be one day! I am an eternal optimist!!!