Dindigul is the  place where I  stay  presently, is a small town, surrounded by small hills. The landmark of Dindigul ( meaning pillow like rock Thindu- pillow and kal – rock ) is a huge rock with a small fort on top.  Dindigul is famous for its world famous  locks, textile factories and tanneries. Agriculture is the main occupation of the inhabitants.

Dindigul was also famous for its tobacco cultivation and cigars of Dindigul were even favoured by British Premier Sir  Winston Churchill. He  was fond of the churut ( stands for cigar in local parlance) made in this place

Another attraction here in Dindigul is Sirumalai hill station which lies 20Kms from town and provides the whole town its picture perfect scenery as it towers above the town , It  is full of greenery. This hill is like a green carpet which abounds in shade providing trees, herbs and medicinal plants , fruit and spices with a cool climate. This hill keeps the town cool in the evening by fanning cool breeze and the town gets a little respite from the hot and dry weather.

Sirumalai pazham ( a kind of plaintain ) is very famous and is believed to have medicinal properties.

Dindigul happens to be a centre point to visit various places like Kodaikanal, (100Kms) Trichy  ( 100 Kms) , Madurai.( 65 Kms).

Sun set in Dindigul is very colourful. One can see  the great canvas of the sky scape painted with light pink, yellow and dark hues which initself is a spectacle. I can get a good view of this from my kitchen window and this is my day to day list everyday.

Enjoy some pictures I shot from my balcony and window.

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