I am a chronic traveller and I find myself always on the move whether I like it or not. My friends ask me  whether I have Chakras ( wheels) on my leg 🙂 . I feel  I do have them.

Each and every travel , be it by bus, car or rail gives me some valuable  experience , some are lighter, some create anger at the casual attitudes, some create panic. Life is a great teacher and I think I will always remain a student.

I am just back from a travel and today’s experience is making me ponder about the plight of common man who travels to distant places for his personal or work related purposes. Today as I was moving towards the coach to board the train I found a person lying unconscious with his baggage strewn around. I believe he was alone, I did find 2 passengers near him waiting for some help. I could see some one had splashed water on his face but he remained unconscious. . Two cops were trying to find his address by pulling out a diary from his pocket.  Will it not be better to give him some sort of medical aid before spending time in getting his whereabouts? Each second may be crucial for a person who needs medical aid.Do we have any sort of medical facilities in a place where people flow in and out in thousands. This can happen to anybody at any place , I feel medical aid must be given first instead of wasting time as each life is important.

I doubt if there are any facilities to take care of  emergency cases.. The incident is haunting me, thousands travel alone , far away from their kith and kin . It is a sad situation . This can happen to anybody including you and me. I would like to hear from my friends , what is your take on this?

Another travel on the cards. But I will be around .

See you friends!!