A house with thousand windows……surprising isn’t it? but such a house exists in  Kairaikudi, in Tamil Nadu, 100 odd Kilometers from where I reside presently.  We can call it as a palace. I have visited the town many times but never got to see the palace.Recently during a visit to the town ,we made an attempt which was futile.  This  heritage building was built by the Chettiyars, the affluent business community of Karaikudi in Sivaganga district in Tamil Nadu .

Built in 1941 the building is 20,000  sq.ft. This is at present is used as a location  for shooting films  but the upkeep of the building appeared quite poor.

Though it is known as aayiram janal veedu, it seems it has only 200 doors and windows. I could mange to get a few pictures from outside.

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