I love sailing  in the past and revelling  the pleasant experiences of my  life. It always brings ,a smile to my lips and lets me float away from the present where I glide like a kite and enjoy the freshness it brings to me.

Life teaches us lot of things.  I am sharing here, how my education shaped it. It is not about  getting degrees and certificates , it  opened a new window  through which I could look at the world in a different light.

Many of the students, I come across today do not know anything about life other than the information from the books. They do lack basic etiquette, do not know how to behave with elders and even to their own peers. It could be my feeling, what you may call as generation gap. But there does exist a great difference . The society that nurtured us was different and today in the highly competitive world we see only rat race, the survival of the fittest ; where the human values go for a sixer. My train of thoughts derailed and here let me steer it  on  to the track.

I passed out  with flying colours from college,   I had done  Home Science for my graduation and Home Management  for my PG.

Every time, when I mentioned my course to my relatives or acquaintances they used to laugh at me why I was going to  college to learn cooking while it could be done at home. That was the kind of awareness people had:( . But that was a myth. I learnt that, it is the  best course for any woman as it prepares them  for life.

We had subjects like  human physiology , bacteriology, Economics, Ergnomics, House-planning,  Interior decoration, budgeting; so that we can become good finance ministers  of our homes, and then  Statistics and Research [ I used to feel drowsy in the class 🙂 ] Child development and Child psychology was part of the subjects we learnt and there was  a Kintergarten attached to our Home Science lab and we used interact with the little kids there. Textiles and garment making was another subject which was very interesting and  we had fun, stitching garments , creating beautiful motifs using embroidery and visiting textile mills.

Nutrition and Extension was part of the syllabus too.(Extension-extending or taking what we learn to other sections of the society). We learnt to cook  therapeutic diets for patients. It is not only we cooked bland and salt less food ,we also made variety of  yummy food which was all ours once the teacher left the lab.

The ambiance in our class was fantastic, there were only 21 girls and everyone was so friendly and helpful.

Residence stay or cottage stay as it used to be called, was part of our final year project where we stayed for  a 5 day duration inside the college campus and played a dual role of taking care of house and attending college. That was to prepare us to manage our time, energy , money well,. It was to make us well organised mangers , and also to teach us to  balance duties of home and career.

The whole class was divided into groups of 5 .Each group had to stay for a period of 5 days in the cottage provided with a nominal budget , taking upon various duties of the household . Every one got a chance to play a hostess, cook, Assistant cook, maid and assistant maid. A hostess, would entertain guests pouring to the cottage on that day.Then a light duty was alternated with a slightly tougher one  like the maid’s where the  duty was upkeep of the house. Sweeping, mopping, that too huge rooms really cracked all the bones in my body. But we were learning. Then  again a light duty, where we spend in kitchen assisting the cook. Like this everyone had an experience of running the house on all 5 days. All the work had to be finished by 9 Am as we had to attend classes too.  ( we were like career women balancing house and office:) ) We had to keep lunch ready with nutritious menu and had to display and garnish food well. ( all that earned us point:)

One of our seniors stayed with us and they used to supervise our work. Flow charts, of Time and energy mangement were made by them as we performed our duties and it used to give us creeps. My juniors also would have felt the same as I became their supervisor when I did my PG, got the label that I was very strict 😦 .

We enjoyed the entire 5 years in the Home Science lab and it also made us confident  and good managers.

There was lot of work to be done like  seminars , conducting exhibitions in rural and urban areas where we taught the importance of nutritious requirements and suggesting low cost recipes to them. Visiting houses and shops for  conducting surveys was also memorable. We were treated to goodies by the lovely home makers when we gate crashed to peep into their beautiful decorated homes. I just loved the entire experience. All my shyness vanished as I was a very reserved person. It changed my perspective towards life. I wish I could go back and have another round of cottage stay. I don’t think no other group would have had the kind of fun we had.

to be continued…

See you.