Independent India, I am proud to say I am an Indian but also saddened by the fact that the plight of women in India has not changed much post independence. Abuse; physical and mental, rape, social evils like child marriages and dowry deaths are still very much prevalent in India.

A recent development saddened me a lot , my pookari’s (one who supplies flowers daily to my house) sister   was brutally tortured by her husband’s family mainly because her parent’s could not meet their demands. She was thrashed by a pine log and she slipped into a coma. She had paralysis and didn’t respond to any treatment . 2 weeks back she sucuumbed to the injuries. She was just 22 years old. I could feel the pain of her sister during the last few days when this victim was counting her last hours on this earth. There was no remorse from her husband’s family. They are sure to get another match for him.

When will all this change? In the above incident they have not  even registered a case ,this also in a way keeps encouraging such social evils in our society. Women must learn to raise their voice against the indiscrimination and abuse that is meted out to them.

We worship Shakti  the Goddess but the females in the house are ill treated. Isn’t it ironical?