As the catastrophe in Japan was unfolding, only two stanzas of Njanapana composed by the great devotee Of   Lord Guruvayurappan , Poonthanam was coming  to my mind. In one stanza he mentions about” randu nalu dinam konduruthane thandilatunatthum bahvan, Maliga  mugalil irikkuna mannate tholil marapu kettunatum bhavan” .This means that ,God, the  Omnipresent, can make any body reach great heights of glory and bestow him with wealth and prosperity in a jiffy and the same Lord can make a King living in palatial building a beggar.
How true these pearls of wisdom are.This devotional poem  is in Malayalam and considered as a  great literary work even today.

Is there any thing constant or permanent in this world?

When people take pride saying’ mine, ours’, it is blown away in minutes. Hence each day we live on this earth we must be grateful to the almighty .You might think, I am a liitle philosophical , my experiences make me speak so.

Everything was hunky- dory in our lfe and suddenly a hurricane hit us. I felt   God was not kind to me. I kept asking him ,”Why me”?

But 2 experiences helped me realise God, the answer to my “why”?

First was, a small write up on  a sign  board in a school and second was an interaction with a friend of mine which changed my outlook towards life.  I think that was the time;  I really realized God. I don’t remember the exact lines I read. But the meaning is some thing like this. “I am walking   on a beach along with God , our  foot prints very much visible in the sand.  Suddenly there is a storm and I am plunged into despair and the feet beside me is missing. I blame God for leaving me  when I needed him most. The next line is the most beautiful which changed my life……..God tells me…’see when I walked beside you,  you didn’t need much support but when there was trouble for you, I lifted you in my hands  , those foot prints are mine’. That was real an eye opener for me. My views changed .

What my friend told me also made me think with a clear mind how we should look at and face life with out wallowing in self pity. He told…… ‘Gold, only when heated,  melted and beaten can be made into beautiful ornaments.  When there is difficulty or trouble we should strive to overcome them with our sheer will power and hard work.

God wants to bring the best out of us and it was true with me. A person who lived a cocooned life was given an opportunity to come out and take the  challenges of life. He knew that , there was something in me that could be useful for the society.

I am trying my best to remember and thank him and dedicate everything to him as I know it is not ‘mine or ours’. Anytime what we say ‘ours’  could be taken back.

So let’s live for today.These are the lessons, life taught me.