I could not post any thing at my space here, as I was busy with the   launch of my new  blog and work associated with it. I had mentioned in my new year post that I am starting a new hobby and it has kicked off quite well . I am happy  with what I am doing now and that  keeps me engaged . Click here to see some of my work.

This is a continuation of my earlier post. After visiting the Malampuzha dam  we made it to the   famous Palakad fort . The fort is surrounded by a moat and  is  filled with water. We were looking for crocodiles, we were not  to be disappointed we did spot a few small turtles.  A walk inside was interesting as the road leading inside was zig- zag.  It was really made invincible  so that enemies cannot get an easy access inside. One left turn and with in 50 meters it was a right turn then again left, till a  few turns before one reaches inside of the fort. The buildings inside are old Kerala type constructions , used presently as a jail and a granary. I also got on top of the fort to get an aerial view. I really enjoyed the trip. Have a look at the pictures and enjoy. There is also a temple of  Lord Hanuman inside the fort which attracts the local devotees.

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