When I visited Palghat, I wanted to see the Malmpuzha dam which is just 7 Kms from the main town. Every school in Kerala now a days take the children for picnic to this place. But when I was young we never had such opportunity.

Oh..I am going back in the time machine , please bear with me and read a few lines before visiting the Malampuzha dam.Only outing, I remember is the time when we were taken to a local theater to see the film Satyavan -Savitri. It was a black and white movie but the march to the theater – a thatched hut ๐Ÿ™‚ was interesting. At that time I was in 2nd standard and we were made to walk in twos and had to hold the hand of the neighbour. These instructions were given by the teacher before we set out. I didn’t like my fellow walker as he looked dirty with a running nose. So I coolly left his hand and moved alone and this fellow walker whenever I left his hand would shout and draw the attention of the teacherย  *$$##. I wanted to punch him but knowing he would shout louder, I quietly continued my march.

On to the topic……
Picnic and outings become more enjoyable when there is a group . We forced our driver to accompany us and he reluctantly agreed. It was a long walk inside andย  I was pretty tired to attempt, a climb up the dam and was content with clicking a few snaps from where we were. This is the place in South India where rope cars were introduced first. There is a childrens’ park, an aquarium,and a hanging bridge which attracted me most. Didn’t fancy taking a ride in the rope car as I have already enjoyed that in Palani .

Enjoy the pictures dear friends. There isn’t much to say. Only to see …. After all the pictures speak, is it not?
See you all.

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