Renu of anoobhooti had tagged me and I decided to take up the tag. It is all about imaginary, IF……
Let me see what pop’s in my mind.
IF I were a month- I would like to be january , first month of the year which brings lot of hopes , people planning lot of the things for the year ahead.

IF I were a day of the week – I would like to be Sunday- Where everyone  gets to relax a lot.

IF I were time of the day- I would like to be the afternoon time- Again time to relax .

IF I were the season- I would like to be the monsoon,Grew up in Kerala you see,hence.

IF I were a planet- I would like to be the Moon- Can be the cute bright planet throwing its gentle glow  all around.

IF I were a sea animal  – May be an ornamental fish, would like to spend time in a aquaurium where every one would enjoy and relax looking at me.

If I were a furniture- I would like to be an easychair, the name itself says why I would like to be one.
IF I were a liquid- I would like to be Milk, it is white and nourishing.

IF I were a tool- I would like to be carpenter’s chiesel so I can be part of making beautiful carvings.

IF I were a gemstone-  I would be a diamond of course.Diamonds are for ever…:)
IF I  were a musical instrument- I would like to be a Veena. Because I have learnt this divine instrument and love the music emanating from it.
IF I were a colour- I would like to be White….the symbol of purity.
IF I were an emotion- It has to Happiness so that I can spread it all around.
IF I were a fruit- I would like to be a peach.The colour taste & superb

IF I were a car- I would like to be Nano. Small and cute .
IF were food-I would like to be Puttu Kadala.I am Keralaite, so my favourite..
IF I were a taste- It would be Sweet as  everyone loves it.

If I were a perfume- It would be mild fragrance of jasmine  flower

If I were a bird-I would be a sparrow, grew up having them lot in my house which has become a rarity these days.

Thank you Renu, I enjoyed doing this.

See you friends.