My first post in 2011. Today, it is 3rd of January and days are fleeting past…. This year started with a great News . A pat on the back , from whom one may wonder, it is from none other than Click here. Now on to todays’s topic.

This post  I have modelled like an interview between moi and my memory. After all, my blog is all about my Memoirs.

“What is this Paithraga gramam? It sounds strange!!

Name only sounds strange, It just means a Heritage Village in Malayalam, regional language of Kerala.

Where is this , have you seen it?

Yes, It is in Palaghat, Kerala.

Can you explain??

Yes, they are a group or a row of houses which are about hundred years old near the  the famous Kasi Viswabathar temple ,Kalpathy.

Is it the same temple famous  for it’s  Ratholsavam? (Chariot festivals)

Yes , very much.

So coming back to Paithraga gramam. How was your experience there?

It was very neat and clean, No  flying plastic or  garbage  around. At least for  a few moments I could breathe fresh air:) . Cleanilness is next to Godliness . I found it there.

Can you elaborate more on the Heritage Village?

Oh yes,

I was there to visit the  Kalpathy temple  and the board  ‘Welcome to Heritage Village’ puzzled me no end . I had not heard of the same and became curious  and a pleasant surprise was in store for me.

So why it is called a Heritage Village-

There are agraharams ( Garland of houses) traditionally occupied by South Indian Brahmins around the Kalpathy temple . They still maintain the ancient houses quite well. The houses share common wall, tiled roofs and wooden grills. More information here.

Does that mean there are no modern constructions. ?

Yes there are , a few, like weeds among a beautiful green lawn.

One more thing , the sound pollution was zero. I could also speak to few residents who were polite and kind.

Did  the temple visit open up a new window?

Yes, of course.  A thing I never knew , could learn something about our culture  which still holds the communities together. The travel was really worth, I really enjoyed it.

Let me not talk more, I shall show you some photos. Enjoy them.These agraharams are fast vanishing. Who can stand against changing times.

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Shall be back with more intersting things.Till then take care.