Dear friends ,

A very happy New year to all of you.

Another year is going to become ‘WAS’. When the Sun rises tomorrow it would be for the last time in 2010 and when it slips silently into the horizon tomorrow it would be again for the last time this year. But it is going to rise with all its radiant glory on January 1st 2011 and each one of us are going to usher in the New Year with lot of hopes , aspirations  in our hearts.  Pray, the year ahead would be good for all so that there is happiness all around. Even if there are challenges or obstacles we should get over them and must be successful .

I am extremely happy  that  I could get wonderful friends through the  internet and they have influenced me a lot through their constant support, encouraging words and guidance.   I love you  dear friends. Hope, our friendship continues and strengthens in the coming years too.I would be trying to get associated with many more friends in the coming year

Though I  have another blog this is the place I can share my feelings very well. I also get wonderful support from my family for my blogging and my husband dearest is always very curious and gives me suggestions regarding my posts. My son sitting  far away,  is the one who introduced me to blogging. I would not have blossomed into a blogger with out my friends support who make it a point to read what ever I write.:) I love you all from the bottom of my heart and I am sending prayers up, for you and your families.

This is a card I made for all my friends.

I am  going to start a new hobby in 2011. I would tell you soon what it is  all about. I need your blessings and good wishes.

Let Peace prevail on earth.

Love and regards