Cloud computing, is a very popular technical phrase you often hear in a group of IT techies but I am no computer whizkid, so I thought I will simply write about Cloud gazing which was my favourite past time. May be some of you would have done it. It is very simple. You don’t need materials or tools for it.  Have you  not enjoyed this ? Then just pull a chair  near the window and look out where you have a good view of the sky. You will be surprised to see the formations of clouds floating by and would be able to spend some magical moments.  Clouds,  move in clusters  or  as a  small  cotton candy ball and some times as  dark thick clouds with accompaniments of light and sound and showering the earth with the nectar of life during raining season. Clouds are classified into various types. Read more by clicking the link. This hobby is   very relaxing to the mind and body. You will have a deep sense of harmony with in.

When  I was young after playing games, my sister and I used to  lie on the  hard floor of the terrace and would watch the clouds floating by. We had a little kingdom of our own and we fantasized a trip through the sky.   In our dream land we met clouds in the form of horses, dragons, elephants, ships ,  what ever we wanted we found in the sky.   It was our world.  The same clouds morphed into various shapes ,size and at times the  sun rays streaming through it lent it a special charm.  We sailed and sailed in the sky till the fiery red ball  disappeared and the dancing stars appeared in the sky.    But my adulthood robbed all that fancy and  I became a zombie and got entangled in the mundane  affairs .  It got rekindled again when an opportunity arose recently and I could enjoy cloud gazing in peace and quiet   in a  serene atmosphere.  Here is  what I felt and observed.

“I could  see clouds  floating low and embracing the hills  tightening  and loosening its grip and floating away again. Are they sharing any secrets I wonder.  Has any one heard about the romance between the clouds and the hills . May be the cloud finds a strong and solid partner and for hill ,cloud must be appearing like the light weight beauty who always find solace in its strong grip.   Sometimes clouds just form a cap  on the towering hills as if  it is the coronation  for the mighty mountains. Sometimes completely it hides the hill from others  as it doesn’t want others to view. Is the cloud jealous of others? The beautiful relationship, romance between the cloud and the hill would continue……till there is earth , sun and moon”.

I  had a pleasant experience of walking through a cluster of clouds on the Coaker’s walk in Kodaikanal which is a couple of hour’s drive from my place.  I also derived extreme pleasure  viewing unending stretch of clouds while travelling by air. Unfortunately on both these occasions I did not have a camera handy and only have to be content with my pleasant memories. But I am sure some of you might have had similar experiences.

I recently read that cloud gazing can be practised by anybody, amateurs or professionals. Some universities are offering degrees too, in cloud gazing.   Science has advanced and there may be lot to learn from. But I find it amusing as we did this as  little children 🙂 🙂

There are some terms related to clouds  –

On cloud nine – A state of perfect happiness,

Head in the clouds-Person having impractical ideas.

Every cloud has a silver lining-there is some thing good  even in an unpleasant  situation.

Get your head out of clouds– stop day dreaming.

Under a cloud–  suspected of something., not trusted

to live in cloud – cuckoo land–  to believe that things you want will happen, when really they are impossible.

A cloud on horizon– A problem or difficultly which one expects to happen in future,

So dear friends how did you find my post? I am on cloud nine , how about you?