During my recent visit to my sister’s house, one thing I enjoyed most was feeding the pigeons. These pigeons appear either in the morning or evening and my sister’s sharp ears catch the sound when they land on the parapet wall . Immediately feeding these birds starts, if there’s is a delay they fly off as if they have lot of appointments.

Human avarice has done a lot of damage to the environment and  birds which were very common and domestic like sparrows and pigeons are a rare sight to see. My uncle’s house still has a pigeon house , i.e a tower with lot of pigeon holes. Next visit I would get the pictures of the same.

I could get some pictures while the pigeons were on a visit . Usually hundreds visit but I could get only a few in my camera. There was a white beauty too, protected by many and it appeared as if she was on a diet as she could be seen only being with the group and not touching grains. My nephew has named her “Aishwarya Rai” and I am sure none of you would have any difficulty in spotting her.

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See you all.