Navarathri is one festival I love to celebrate and follow and adhere to all the customs attached to it. But the verve and enthusiasm has gone down a little as mine is a nuclear family and I miss lot of fun . Growing up in a joint family we enjoyed this festival and had fabulous time with cousins and siblings. I had written a post on Navarathri last year. You will find it here.

I wish to be in Calcutta this time of the year as Panchami , i.e fifth day onwards the Durga Pooja starts, the whole city gets transformed and one would feel like , Alice in Wonderland nay … in Ma Durga’s land. The beautiful idols of Divine Mother, big doe eyes cast a magic spell and one gets rooted in front of Her. My last year post on Durga Pooja, click here.

The place where I am now, Navarathri is a low key affair for me , no Durga pandals, no friends hence no Kolu and invitations to visit any houses. What signals Navarathri in our house is we worship Goddess by singing devotional songs and melting into the sweetness of the Bhajans which one will experience only when sung. The habit of singing bhajans was inculcated in us right from our childhood by our mother and it was part of our daily routine. My father made evening prayers mandatory, a discipline all my siblings are following even now. During Navarathri the Bhajan singing would be a lengthy affair and singing in groups was ecstatic.

Learning new songs from mother and friends was part of this festival and even now pictures just flash in front of my eyes when I sing those songs which I learnt in those days. This year my sister is with me and we are opening our old Bhajan books and reliving the experience of our Good old Navrathri days. How I miss my childhood. I still hold those memories in my heart like a precious pearl which I take out during the festive season, enjoy the beauty and put back safely in the chest till the next year. It is a sweet dream which I have lived and I suckle the honey as a butterfly does.
Happy Navarathri Wishes.
May Goddess Durga bestow her blessings on all.