A recent news item in  Indian Express   shook me and made me write this post. Any person in flesh blood would find this news item horrifying. It is about a 9 th standard student attacking a 8th standard school mate with an air pistol in a Delhi school. My first reaction was – has the gun culture which we have heard so far only in Western countries seeped into our schools too? The callousness of parents is responsible for this. I just wonder what is  the condition of the victim ?  A case has been registered under the Juvenile Act. Now what would happen, the child gets a label for life and he would be ridden with guilt . But has he understood the full repercussions of this ? I doubt, as he is still a kid. Getting exposed to so much violence at young age through various electronic mediums have removed the sensitivity from the younger generation. May be the case may get swept under the carpet.

I am not going to delve into this particular case as such . I am speaking again about the importance of  instilling Moral Values which I had written in my earlier post. When a child has an access to a weapon who is to be blamed?  Is it not the parents?  When such ‘TOYS’ are in the house is it not the parents duty to keep it out of reach or to be with the children when such things are used. We blame so many things on the exposure children get through television and cinema. Is it not  parents’ duty to instill values in children about peace and not to bully or harm others?.

Mental maturity in children comes through the exposure the child gets from his environment, be it his house, people related to him, his peers or his school which influences him/her a lot and helps in moulding the individual. Like Intelligent quotient, Emotional quotient tells how a person is able to handle various situations . Most of the children these days are highly emotional and they get frustrated and vent their anger easily on others. There is only one remedy for this. Spend quality time with children. Costly gifts are not substitute for this. Buy things and let them also understand when and how it should be used and  if used , only under parents/elders supervision. Otherwise it will have repercussions on the child’s’ life .

No child can be labeled as bad . It is the environment that maketh a man. We need to school the mind of the child , guide him well so that they learn to respect others’ sentiment and keep themselves from hurting others  and ruining their own lives.  In the above case reported in IE it is a great relief that the victim escaped with minor injuries , But if some thing untoward had  happened, imagine the havoc it would have caused to both the families .

Parents are you listening? Love, Love and love your children because only you can do it, but don’t be so blind that they get spoilt and become a problem for themselves and to others.
see you soon….