Today is Krishnaashtami, also known as Krishna Jayanthi . Krishna is my favourite God  and I am sure there are  many like me, may be  I can relate to Him better than any other Gods.  His antics and mischief as a little child captivated the  hearts of all in Vrindavan .  His flute mesmerised every soul.   He is presented very well in all the pictures. His yellow pitambhara, a diadem on forehead with a peacock feather  and a smile on his lips endears Him to one and all.  Krishna avatara etched myriad pictures in  my mind and I got enchanted by his stories . K.M. Munshi’s  books on Krishnavatara which he wrote in 8 parts, I devoured voraciously. I consider the first one as  the master piece as it deals with Krishna’s birth and his early life in Vrindavan.   The descriptions in the book made me felt I was right there in Vrindavan with the Lord.

Thus Krishna came to stay in my   in my  mind and heart. I know He is with all of us and we  celebrate his birthday with  all religious fervour. I do have three small idols of Him and I decorate it with flowers and Tulsi , his favourite.

Varieties of sweets along with sweetened butter , fresh and dry fruits are offered to Krishna during the worship.   Then chanting God’s name and performing Aarti, is   part of the worship. His devotees follow Vrata on this day and avoid eating rice and rice based items.  Some, fast and partake only prasada after the pooja is over.

Another event related to Krishnaashtami is something like Bhai Dhuj of North India. Brothers would visit their sisters home with Phalara khotto (basket filled with goodies).  The baskets would be full of  fruits, vegetables, pulses , sweets and special item like  bunches of raw and ripe bananas. Hence banana chips & halwa made of ripe banana  is part and parcel of this big day.  It is time to strengthen the bonds between brothers and sisters and their families too.   This is one day every sister would look forward to.  So Krishnashtaami is not only a day which ends in rituals, it is also a time to strengthen the family ties.

Let God shower His blessings on one and all.

Lokam samashta sukhino bhavantu.

Let peace  prevail

Happy Janmashtami wishes to all.