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My trip to  Aralvaimozhy helped me in more than one way. I was happy doing  things closer to my heart – my work  and another passion, my travel.   When ever I got leisure time, I set off to explore nearby places. First, I visited the famous Nagaraja temple in Nagercoil. This town takes its name from this temple.  One day, I made up my mind to visit Kanyakumari , Southern most tip of India  which is about 20 kms from Nagercoil as  I could finish my work quite  early. It was around five in the evening and as travelling by bus and returning would not be safe if one is not familiar with the route,  I decided to hire an auto rickshaw with the help of the  travel desk  where I stayed.  In few minutes  there appeared a cheerful, middle aged gentleman and he entertained me  during the journey with lot of his experiences. Felt as if  I knew him for ages.

En route I visited the famous Suchindram temple and proceeded to Kanyakumari as I wanted to capture  a few shots before darkness fell.  The sky was overcast  and I crossed beautiful villages dotted with green paddy fields. My hands itched to click  a few pictures but the hands of my watch were not resting, it  was ticking fast, darkness was ensuing and  I curbed my desire.

Kanyakumari is considered to be a holy place as it has  the confluence of Arabian sea, Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal. As it is the Southern most tip, one can observe both Sun rise and Sun set here. This place also has the famous Bhagavathi Amman temple. As soon as I reached, I rushed to the temple and paid my obeisance to Mother of the Universe. Few moments just outside the sanctum cast a spell on me. I meditated for a few minutes taking in the beauty of the Goddesss, whose image was resplendent with finery and dazzling diamond nose ring.

Sun had set but that didn’t prevent me from going around and clicking a few pictures. I could see the silhouetted Vivekananda Memorial and the  colossal  statue of Tiruvalluvar, a famous  Tamil poet, author of  couplets-  Tirukkural  . I was overwhelmed when I stood looking at sea waves and when the cool water  stroked my feet  it was pure bliss. I wanted to linger in the cool waters for long but the night was intimidating. A quick glance at the Mahathma Gandhi memorial and I was inside the vehicle which transported  me back to the hotel .

Was it my 3 rd or 4 th trip, I don’t remember but every time I visit , I feel as if it is my maiden trip and remember to enjoy each and every moment.

Au revoir!!