Recently I happened to spend a few days at  Aralvaimozhy, a place in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu which is famous for its windmills and power generation.  If one wants to really  enjoy nature one  must go to the villages. Aralvaimozhy is a small place   surrounded by hills and one can feast their eyes on the lush green paddy fields. But this unassuming place  is on the world map as it is has got the biggest wind mill farm in Asia. As one nears  this place one can see umpteen number of wind mills in action. From a distance they appear very small. But as  one goes near it, they are gigantic structures and  each blade is as long about 60 feet. The wind power in this region is being harnessed well using these huge fans. Man has already started thinking about alternate source of energy. The Goverment agencies are creating lot of awareness and many companies have put up their wind mills here. The generated power is fed to the grid and distributed across Tamil Nadu.

The hills here form a receptacle and the strong breeze inside this receptacle move the blades which helps in generation.  We would see that with in minutes the climate here changes from bright sunny to heavily dark clouded atmosphere. Some times we will see Sun, dark clouds , rains all at the same time. A wonderful experience  for any one who wants enjoy nature.    Cloud bursts are very common here. The wind is so strong one really gets scared at times thinking it would blow us away too.  The place has a natural built -in air conditioner. But this is only during the wind season, warn the locals. When the season stops it becomes warm and heat becomes unbearable. What ever it may be I did experience the season and could see the wind mills in full action. I hope more and more awareness is created about alternate source of energy which can be tapped from the natural resource.

Different mood changes of the weather in Aralvaimozhy which I captured during my recent sojourn.

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