Amchem Goa or My Goa, the name itself cast magic spell on me.We set out, a group of six to Goa. we took the Vasco express from Chennai and enjoyed the journey. As we were nearing Goa it reminded me of God’s own Country Kerala. I felt very much at home as I could see tile roofed houses,coconut trees and greenery all around. This similarity could be one reason why our ancestors chose Kerala as their abode when they migrated fearing Portuguese invasion.

Once out of the train we had a taxi waiting for us and the driver could talk well in Konkani, a slightly different dialect but we could understand quite well. We had decided to stay at Kavle Math in Kavlem , Ponda and we reached there and after a brief rest we got ready in the evening for our visits . As beaches were about 15-20 Kms from where we stayed, we decided to visit some of the Kuladevata temples which were nearby.

First we visited temples of Mahalasa Narayani , Mangesh, Devaki Krishna (our Kuladevata), Balaji temple, and Ganesh temple at Fermagude( for my posts on temple visits click ‘My pilgrimage’ on my blog roll on the right hand side) . It was getting dark and we decided to call it a day. The temple architecture is entirely different from what I have seen earlier and every temple had a deepasthambha resembling a minaret and temple cleanliness was beyond comparison.

The next day we set out to visit the beaches. First we went for the dolphin watch , I thought we would be watching some doplhin show but we were taken into the deep sea to sight some dolphins . Even after 1hour and 45 minutes the dolphins didn’t bother to show their faces . The sun was beating down mercilessly and when tourists in the boat started protesting ,the boat was taken little more deeper into the sea and after a long time my son could spot one dolphin and I could catch only the snout of it for all the trouble we took . But the boat ride was enjoyable, instead of promised 45 mts. we got a longer ride. During the boat ride,-initially we were not provided with life jackets and suddenly our boat man got a message of a patrol and he started throwing some safety vests at us to wear it fast. We found that they were only dirty jackets with nothing secure about it. In one, there wasn’t even a float inside and we were laughing at the state we were forced to be in. From a distance it would appear that all are wearing safety jackets but we only knew the truth. What happens in case of a real danger . What was the hullabaloo about the security check. We didn’t know what to do in that situation. I think the security checks must be done on a regular basis as to what kind of safety equipments are in each boats. With out much trouble and with out spotting DOLPHINS we returned SAFELY on the land.

It was a different kind of an experience and we could enjoy the nature, the water spraying on us during the ride and each craning their neck to see if there are dolphins around. We could also see Aguada fort, beautiful buildings ,central prison which were dotting the landscape.

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